Anything I can do to prevent type 2 diabetes?

Weight loss. A healthy lifestyle if the best prevention against type 2 diabetes. This should include a healthy diet with low carbs, low fat/cholesterol, and calorie restriction. Regular physical activity is also recommended. All of the above should result in weight loss, which should help to prevent diabetes.

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How do I prevent type 2 diabetes?

Do what is right. Eat healthy and in proper quantities, exercise and do not drink alcohol. It may not keep you from getting diabetes, but it will help you.
Weight control. One of the biggest risk factor for diabetes is obesity. Try to keep your weight as normal as possible through proper diet/exercise routine. Develop effective lifetime habits rather than short term drastic changes.

How do you prevent type 2 diabetes?

Might not be able to. Sometimes it runs in families or I caused by a virus that attacks your pancreas, but you can lower your risk by avoiding soda, alcohol, sweets. Foods with the highest glycemic index include bananas, grapes, raisins and corn, so you want to limit these too. Maintain a healthy weight with a BMI less than 25.
DM2. Once you have a genetic or familial tendency to diabetes, you may not be able to totally prevent it, but possibly delay it. Ideally, if you follow healthy habits, such as regular exercise, balanced diet, less carbohydrates, etc, you may be able to delay diabetes.

How can diet help prevent type 2 diabetes?

Not just diet. But diet and exercise to lose weight or keep lean. It's because obesity leads to Insulin resistance which is 70-90% of what leads to type 2 diabetes. You can't control the other risk factors of age and family history, but you can control your weight.

How can I help prevent type 2 diabetes in an obese teen?

See below. The best method, and most important is weight loss. Which needs to accomplished through a proper diet and regular aerobic exercise. Other than those, there are no other preventative options.
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Are there any good ways to prevent getting type 2 diabetes?

See below. People predisposed to getting diabetes have about 60% chance of avoiding the disease by losing about 10% body weight and maintaing a healthy weight and exercising at least 30 minutes/day. See this site for more info. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/type-2-diabetes/ds00585.

Dad has type 2 diabetes, so how do I prevent myself from type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes in family. You have an increased chance of developing diabetes because you father has it. This is a factor beyond your control. However, there are things you can control, and that would be eating a healthy diet, with less simple sugars, exercising, and keeping your weight down. You want to reduce your tendency to develop Insulin resistance, and the best way is to keep your stomach flat and trim.

Had prediabetes. Is exercising 5 hours per week any better than 2.5 hours at preventing type 2 diabetes when both results in same # of fat lbs. Lost?

Twice as good. Twice the exercise should burn off twice the weight, assuming your doing the same intensity of exercise. You need to combine it with food restriction of you're going to have any success.
Yes, more exercise. Yes, greater amounts of aerobic exercise will help the lean muscles take up and use more sugar and thus lower the blood sugar levels.

What is ideas for the prevention of type 2 diabetes for black communities?

Weight loss & Exercise. About 60% of the persons otherwise suscepible to diabetes can avoid it by losing weight (at least 10%) and exercising vigorously for 30 minutes/day.

I was just wondering why does losing weight prevent/delay type 2 diabetes?

Obesity. Causes Insulin resistance- you need more Insulin to get same amount of sugar into cells as a normal patient- diabetic beta-cells can't produce enough; with weight loss, beta cells now can produce enough Insulin to reduce blood sugar.