Is liposuction a treatment for being fat?

Lipo not 4 wt loss. Liposuction is not intended for weight loss or control. It is intended to decrease localized and diet resistant areas of fat deposits.
No. Liposuction is not a weight loss tool. Liposuction is used for body contouring and removal of stubborn fat deposits that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Remember that fat weights very little compared to muscle.
No. It's for contouring localized deposits of fat. It's not safe to do head-to-toe liposuction in large volumes - it's not a weight loss procedure.
No. No it is not, it can correct certain areas of the body, but is not a treatment for obesity.
Nope. Liposuction is not weight loss. When used in this regard patients tend to be unhappy and it is not safe when taken to these extremes. Then again what is?
I'm afraid not. Wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy! unfortunately, liposuction is really only suitable as a body contouring procedure. It works wonders to restore or create a more desirable shape and if you have good skin tone, the results you can achieve are spectacular. But don't think it's about losing weight -- that still required old-fashioned discipline. Eat well and exercise to pull off the pounds.
Certainly Not. Liposuction is not a short cut procedure for loosing in obesity.Liposuction is an ideal procedure for people who does exercise and dieting and still cannot loose fat in certain part of body, the common areas being abdomen, back, thighs, loins, arm and soforth.This is not a short cut for loosing weight.