What is stress response?

'fight or flight' Stress boosts activity in the sympathetic nervous system & stress hormones are released. Pulse, blood pressure, sweating, & breathing rate go up; skin temp. Decreases as blood shifts to the vital organs; there can be muscle tension or tremors, GI symptoms e.g. Nausea, stomach ache, diarrhea; pacing, hand-wringing, etc. The body is set for survival action, but suffers if this continues too long.

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What controls response to stress?

ANS, hormones. Physiological stress response is governed by the autonomic nervous system, esp the sympathetic division. Also, stress hormones e.g., cortisol enter the bloodstream. As a result the body is primed for "fight or flight" survival action, although this can be harmful if it happens repeatedly or chronically. Psychologically, stress response relates to temperament, personality, & learned behavior. Read more...