What does it mean to have a vegetative growth on a heart valve?

Vegetative. This is almost always associated with endocarditis which is an infection of the heart valve.
Infected valve. Vegetation of a heart valve is usually the result of bacterial or fungal infection of the valve. The vegetation is formed from the valve tissue and fibrinous material that accumulates on the valve as a result of the infection and the inflammatory response it elicits. Resolution of the infection does not always mean resolution of the vegetation however, and at times a sterile vegetation remains.

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What does it mean to have regurgitation of the heart valve?

Backward flow. Heart valves, like those in your car, are meant to have blood flow in one direction, and prevent backward flow. If the valve does not close fully when it should, blood can flow backwards. This is called regurgitation.
Regurgitation. The valve has to open properly to let blood flow into the ventricle from the atrium. If it doesnot; we call this stenosis. It has to close to keep the blood flowing toward the body, if it does not; we call this regurgitation or insufficiency. Either or both problems can exist with the valve if its abnormal. Insufficiency is more common.

A leaky heart valve at 4 means what?

Depends. It reallyd depends on the amount of leak thru the valve. An ultrasound called an echocardiogram is one way of evaluation a leaky valve. Other terms used are regurge or regurgitation or insufficiency. A pediatric cardiologist would be very helpful in evaluation the leaky valve.

Please answer! What does it mean if heart valve is damaged? How long does a person survives on medicine?

Need more info. Outcome with valve disease depends on things like which valve, how much damage, heart size and function, symptoms, age, other diseases (including other heart diseases).

Should I be concerned if my husband has just been diagnosed with enlarged heart valve - what does this mean?

Heart valve. There is no such thing enlarged heart valve. If you are taking about thickened heart valve with out stenosis then he should be ok. If it is myxomatous proliferation then you should see a cardiologist.

Explain what is meant if you have a heart valve infection with normal cbcs?

Not much. Valvular endocarditis is an infection needing systemic antibiotics and possible surgery. A normal CBC does not have any relationship to the infection. It may be normal or high WBC or low wbc. There may be anemia or not. Same with platelets. If there is an abnormality of CBC with onset of endocarditis a normal CBC may reflect the pt is responding to treatment.
See below. A heart valve infection or endocarditis is usually caused by a bacterial infection of the valve. There are also not infectious causes of endocarditis. A normal CBC means that the complete blood count ie. Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are all normal. This is unusual in bacterial endocarditis but does occur.

If your troponin level is normal, does it mean that your heart valve is allright & not infected by bacterial endocarditis? Ty

Not necessarily. It depends on what bacteria and if there were heart muscle damage... Not all bacterial endocarditis patients who need their heart valves replaced have elevated troponin. I hope this helped... And with you the best luck!
Not necessarily. Elevated troponin is most often associated with heart muscle damage, as in a heart attack. Heart valves may be damaged (by infection or other processes) that may not lead to an elevated troponin. An ultrasound of the heart should help detect important damage to any involved valves.