What are alternative treatments to aortic valve replacement?

None. When the aortic valve needs replaced, the aortic valve needs replaced. Mortality is high if not replaced.
Usually none. If a patient is truly in need of an aortic valve replacement, this is usually because the valve is either too tight or too incompetent or both. These are mechanical problems which need a mechanical fix, medications will help the person for a while, but usually the definitive treatment is valve replacement.

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Aortic valve replacement - tissue or mechanical better?

AVR. Aortic valves can be replaced with either mechanical valves or bio prosthetic, taken from animals and treated to prevent rejection. There are different reasons for choosing either valve such as age and treatment with anticoagulants. Individuals who do not wish to be on meds such as Coumadin (warfarin) may have a bioprosthetic valve, however, younger individuals usually have mechanical valves. Read more...

Aortic valve replacement - tissue or mechanical which would you suggest?

Depends. Age bleeding risks ulcers, diverticulitis etc travel compliance with medicines we offer all choices and tailor to the specific patient scenario. The mechanical valve patients are treated for life with anticoagulants. Read more...