Should I take daily baby aspirin to prevent heart attack?

Depends. That is a good question. I'd recommend you talk with your doctor about your cardiovascular risk (including risk for heart attack) and also at the risks and benefits of Aspirin therapy, and then together come up with the right answer for you individually.
Can't say. For some it may be a good idea. For others it may trigger problems by itself or interact with meds and lead to severe bleeding complications. Without knowing your situation it is unrealistic to say.

Related Questions

Is is safe for everybody in the country to take a baby aspirin daily to help prevent a heart attack?

No. Every study that has examined this question has shown that among large populations exposed to small doses of aspirin, there is an increase in peptic ulceration, abnormal bleeding, and intracranial hemorrhage when compared to matched controls who received no aspirin. Only those at risk of heart attacks or clotting type strokes should take it. (men>50, women >60 if there's no contraindication).
NO. Routine use of any medication to the population at large can create newer problems that we are not anticipating before. Low dose Aspirin can prevent platelet aggregation and decrease the incidence of coronary thrombosis in high risk patients. People with diabetes mellitus, obesity, family history of heart disease or previous myocardial infarction are the prime people to benefit from Aspirin therapy.

How does baby aspirin decrease the risk of a heart attack?

Prevents clots. Baby Aspirin helps prevent platelets from clumping and forming clots that might block blood flow in any narrowed coronary arteries that feed the heart muscle. If blood flow is blocked in those coronary arteries, the heart muscle would not get enough oxygen that it needs cause the heart to stop beating or to beat uncontrollably, or fibrillate, both of which would result in a heart attack.
Decrease clumping. Asporin is a platelet inhibitor a d prevents clumping of them on an unstable air any plaque in the coronary arteries.

Should older persons without heart problems take an aspirin daily to prevent a heart attack?

Maybe. While in previous years Aspirin was recommended for most men and women over age 55, this question has recently been reexamined with now much different recommendations. For men the current recommendation is for 81mg of Aspirin only in men with known coronary artery disease to prevent heart attacks. For women the recommendation is 81 mg only for women over age 65 to prevent strokes.

Is it better to take aspirin at night or morning to prevent heart attack?

Evening. Aspirin inhibits platelets irreversibly. The effect wears off as time goes on and is renewed when the new dose is taken. Since most heart attacks occur in the early am the greatest protection will be achieved by taking Aspirin at night.
Interesting??? I don't know if that has ever been studied, my guess would be that night is better since early am is a frequent time for chest pain, and you might not be taking this early enough in the day otherwise. What is important is to take it daily.