Can varicose and spider veins return after treatment?

Yes. Varicose veins can return following recanalization of treated incompetent great saphenous or small saphenous veins. Incompetent perforators can result in recurrent vv. Sclerotherapy of spider veins will clear the existing ones, and new ones can form within a year or two, thus advising maintenance sclerotherapy in all. Neovascularization can be seen after surgical treatment of venous problems.
Yep! While treatment of both varicose veins and spider veins is quite effective in general, patient's should note that it is very possible that they might develop more varicose veins or spiders in the future and require additional treatment down the road.
Yes, different ones. When varicose and spider veins are treated, either removing them through surgery or else the body absorbing the treated veins over time, the result is that the veins go away. Unfortunately, the reason why a person gets varicose and spider veins in the first place is heredity. Nothing can change that or your inherited tendency to develop new vein trouble, even after good effective treatment.