How are varicose or spider veins treated?

2 ways. Laser or injection with a sclerosing agent(chemical which destroys the vein). Often, patients will require multiple treatments. We offer both treatments here at TLC aesthetics in tampa, florida. High concentration saline(saltwater) is no longer the standard of care for treatment of this condition given it being less safe and effective than current technology.
Varicose veins. There are many minimally invasive surgical options nowadays for treatment of this problem. It is based on the size and the classification for the stage of your venous disease. For this you can see a vein specialist about compression therapy, rfa, evla or non-thermal ablative options as well as sclerotherapy if appropriate.
Several ways. Spider veins are most commonly treated with sclerotherapy. If you have varicose veins, a combination of things is often used. With varicose veins, it important to have an ultrasound of your veins to see if there is any underlying vein trouble that is causing your visible veins. This is usually treated with endovneous laser or rf. The rest can be treated with phlebectomy, sclerotherapy, or both.
By a specialist. You may need an ultrasound to determine if there is an underlying vein issue. You might be offered sclerotherapy, endogenous ablation or phlebectomies depending on your veins. See a phlebologist for treatment. Phlebology.Org or miamibeachvein.Com for more information.