With inflammatory bowel disease, do I have a higher chance of colon cancer?

Yes. Ulcerative colitis and crohn's increases cancer risk.
Yes, unfortunately. There is a well documented association between chronic ulcerative colitis and colon cancer. The risk will depend on the extent, duration, and activity of disease.. Pancolitis confers a 5- to 15-fold increase in risk. Although, data is less. It appears that pancolitis due to crohn's disease is associated with a similar relative risk of colon ca as extensive uc. Extensive surveillance is needed.
Yes. Higher risk need surveillance colonoscopy lifetime.
Yes you do. The risk of developing colorectal cancer is higher in both ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease. The risk in colitis increases the longer you have the disease. Surveillance colonoscopies done every year often begin 8-10 years after diagnosis. Multiple biopsies are required to rule out precancerous tissue called dysplasia. Crohn's disease also increases the risk, but it is somewhat lower.

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Is it normal for 27 yr old f to have diverticular disease? CT shows several diverticular and remarkably thickened bowel. Could it also be colon Cancer

Could be. Diverticular disease is seen in older patients ie over 60, but I have seen it in younger people. One of the theories on why people get diverticuli, or tiny pouches, in the colon, is the low fiber, high fat diet in the U.S. There may also be an inherited aspect. Thickened wall of the colon and diverticuli aren't associated with cancer, but it's reasonable to get a colonoscopy--talk to your doctor.

I have been having some dull aches in my lower abdomen and just feeling malaise lately. Chance this is colon cancer? Male age 20.

Very small chance.... ..Given that you're 20 years old, but nothing's impossible. You may want to review the many healthtap answers regarding causes ; cures for lower abdominal discomfort, but your best reassurance will come from your doctor after appropriate exam ; tests prove unremarkable. Be well--.

I am scared that I may have colon cancer or some type of bowel cancer. What do you recommend?

It is uncommon under. Age is an important consideration as colon cancer is uncommon under 40 years of age. Yet if you have a family history of colon cancer or any other reasons to suspect colon cancer you should get a check up which may involve a colonoscopic examination...A look from inside yiour colon to be sure that you have a normal colon.
Some tests. You don't mention symptoms, but a good start would be a test for occult blood and a cytology exam of the stool. These are very simple tests and are done on an out-patient basis. This may lead to further testing/scans. Seek an exam/consultation with a qualified professional to begin the process.