How does digestive system work?

Check this out. Follow this link to learn more about the anatomy & physiology of the digestive tract (http://www.Dasilvainstitute.Com/gastrointestinal-anatomy-physiology) summary: the GI tract is a single cell barrier of protection between the outside world & the inside of our body. Immune cells are numerous here. It digests (breaksdown) foods, and absorbs the nutrients & water to enter our blood stream.

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How does digestive system work together with lymphatic system? The relationship between them? Thank you

GALT. A large proportion of our lymphatic system surrounds the GI tract and is called the Gut-Associated Lymphatic Tissue; it is one of our body's first line of defense against infections as there can be many harmful microbes in our GI tract. For more information see Read more...

How does the digestive system work with the cardiovascular system?

It is perfused. By arteries with blood pumped by the heart. It also helps clear the toxins from the blood via the liver. The interactions are multiple. Read more...