What is lung cancer caused by in nonsmoker?

Many things. >80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. However never smokers (defined as <100 cigarettes in lifetime) can get smoking. Risk factors include radon exposure, second hand smoke, and genetic mutations such as egfr activating mutations.
Possibly genetic, etc. Nonsmokers account for 15% of lung cancer cases, and these cases are often due to a combination of genetic factors, radon gas, asbestos, and air pollution including secondhand smoke. Asbestos can also cause mesothelioma, a cancer of the pleura or lining on the surface of the lungand diaphragm. The main type of lung cancer in nonsmokers is adenocarcinoma, particularly bronchoalveolar carcinoma.

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How would somebody die from lung cancer caused by secondhand smoking?

Lung cancer kills. Frequent, prolonged exposure to secondhand smoke increases a persons risk of developing lung cancer and many other cancers. Lung cancer is often not detected until it is fairly advanced and treatment of lung cancer is less successful than treatment of many other cancers. Unfortunately, death from lung cancer is not uncommon.
Same. Once the cancer is established they die just like those with no smoking history, with primary smoking history, or second hand. Second hand smoke is still very irritating to many if not all persons lung tissue and the lung cells transform and become malignant and grow and spread causing death from suffocation, brain or other metastasis!

What food will help in combating cachexia caused by lung cancer? What else should be done?

High caloric fluid. The cachexia associated with cancer is due to the elaboration of tumor necrosis factor, As such a high caloric liquid diet including Ensure should be employed. When patients are seen who are receiving radiation or chemo, it is advisable to increase the caloric intake with hyperalimentation where a pic line is inserted in the arm and the patient is given approximately 2L of fluid each evening.

Chronic bronchitis emphysema and lung cancer can be caused by?

Smoking., The most common cause for both diseases is cigarette smoking. By either avoiding smoking or quitting if you do smoke, you reduce your chances of getting these diseases. See your doctor if you need help to quit.
Smoking, etc... As noted, smoking is a critical factor: http://www. Cancer. Net/cancer-types/lung-cancer/risk-factors-and-prevention http://www. Lung. Org/lung-disease/bronchitis-chronic/understanding-chronic-bronchitis. Html.

How long does the nausea side effect from radiation treatment for lung cancer last?   how do you tell if nausea is caused by radiation or tarceva (erlotinib)?

Average 2 - 4 wks. Varies from person to person, areas involved in radiation, total dose received. Nausea worse when food pipe (esophagus) is affected and mucositis develops. Nausea from radiation tend to get better as time goes by. There is no easy way to tell the cause of the nausea, sometimes both are contributing.
Not from radiation. Most lung cancer treated with radiation does not cause nausea unless the fields are large and on the left bottom part of the lung overlaps the stomach. Chemo is systemic and more likely the cause of the nausea. Lung cancer can easily go to the brain and the presenting sign can be nausea so make sure a brain scan was negative.
Nausea & XRT. I would not attribute nausea and vomiting to either. Discuss with your radiotherapy doctor.

Is a cough, that is caused by lung cancer produce a irritating sensation in the throat thus invoking the cough.

A lung cancer. Cough may be caused by bronchial irritation, by the tumor, pleural fluid, or the cough of chronic bronchitis/emphysema from decades of smoking. The throat is only involved by aiding to expectorate the produced phlegm.
NO. Lung cancer can be associated with chronic cough, blood in sputum, weight loss etc. Irritating sensation in the throat can be due to multiple causes. If you are a smoker the first thing to do is to stop. If your cough doesn't go away in two weeks you need to see a doctor.