With reconstruction, can the plastic surgeon make the breast look and feel natural?

Close but not exact. We can never replace the breast that is lost with an exact replica, but can create a reasonable substitute. There are many variables in deciding which method of breast reconstruction to use, and this deserves a long, detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon. The reconstructed breast should look natural in clothes, but will never exactly match the original breast.
Yes, but. The main objective of breast reconstruction will be to have you look and feel natural in clothes. Nothing can make the breast reconstruction 100% "normal and natural" but we can make things much better.
Yes but will vary. The result will vary tremendously with the mastectomy technique and need for postop radiation therapy which will also influence the final outcome appearance and feel.
We try. We do our best to restore your breasts back to the way it was with the procedures we have at our disposal. Autologous reconstruction generally feels most like your own breast. However silicone and even saline implants are very satisfactory ways to reconstruct your breasts to look and feel normal.
Yes and no. Breast can be reconstructed to but never replaced with breast tissue. We have made great advances in breast reconstruction and the results can be quite beautiful. But unfortunately we cannot recreate a breast that has been lost to cancer. Most women are very happy with the results that can be accomplished with your own tissue or with implants. Be well.
Close but not exact. It is important for patients to understand that we (plastic surgeons) cannot replace the breast that is lost to an operation. We can make a reasonable substitute, the appearance and feel of which varies with the method of reconstruction (implant or patient's own tissue, ) the surgeon's skill, the patient's tissue quality, adjunctive procedures (like radiation) for cancer, and luck.