Does the bicuspid valve work harder than the tricuspid valve?

Valve. Bicuspid aortic valve do for some reason wear out sooner and more likely go onto aortic stenosis likely related to flow disturbances.
Leonardo da vinci understood about 500 years ago that a round valve worked best and most efficiently with 3 parts rather than 2. Normally we are born with a 3-cusp aortic valve (tricuspid, looking like a "mercedes-benz" logo). Occasionally people can be born with only 2 cusps or a bicuspid aortic valve -- (looking like the "cbs" logo). A bicuspid aortic valve is more prone to wear out over time.

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A 2D Echo Cardiogram indicated a bicuspid valve as opposed to tricuspid valve. Is that going to be a problem? Will there be any issues?

It depends. If you had a Echo Cardiogram it would be best to talk to the cardiologist who ordered this. But if this report was referring to your aortic valve (valve of the left heart chamber that pumps blood) then there can be issue in the future. Sometimes people have no problems their whole life with a bicuspid aortic valve. But sometimes the do have issues and will need surgery to correct the bicuspid valve.
Yes. I assume you mean bicuspid aortic valve. Know that patients with a bicuspid aortic valve require surveillance for the development of aortic valve issues (stenosis, regurgitation) and for thoracic aortic aneurysms. You'd be best served with a cardiologist if this is the case.

In police academy. I have a MVP, bicuspid tricuspid valve, &slight electrical delay. Is it safe to get tAsed for my certification (it's 5 seconds)?

Not sure. What you mean by a slight electrical delay (AV block, sinus pause, QT prolongation??), but I would not recommend being tased given this condition. Look to a cardiologist for this type of 'clearance'. Wouldn't want to develop cardiac arrest trying to get a certification.