Is rosacea like acne?

Acne rosacea vs acne. Acne rosacea is not the same as acne because the former primarily effects the facial ski vessels whereas the latter effects the sebaceous glands. However acne rosacea is associated with overgrowth of the oil glands effecting the nose and is known as rhinophyma.
Like it. Rosacea is like acne but is not acne. You can have similar type of acne spots but it is not the same thing. Rosacea is worsened by triggers such as alcohol, stress, diet, but acne is more related to increased oil production, blocked pores and subsequent infection. Rosacea is more related to inflammation. They are treated differently. See an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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38yrs old and suddenly have bad acne. Had clear skin my entire life! Can rosacea look like acne, because it's not typical and how can I treat it?

Prednisone can cause. It appears that you are on Prendisone, an immunosuppressant. Acne is often associated with bacteria near the oil producing cells of the skin. When on steroids, acne can start, and the skin care regimen may need to be changed. Hormones are affected by steroids, too, and new acne can develop. Rosacea, if that is the issue, is a difficult entity to eliminate but depends on careful diet and skin care.

Will rosacea cause acne?

No. Rosacea and acne are different disorders. Acne is a follicular disease characterized by increase oil gland production, colonization of p.Acnes bacteria, resulting in pustules and white or black heads. Rosacea is not follicle based, and is associated with increased demodex (mite) colonization, triggered by sun, heat, alcohol, caffiene, etc... One can have both conditions at the same time.
No. Rosacea does not cause acne but you can have both conditions.
Rosacea. Rosacea and acne are two separate conditions. Acne effects younger patient generally while rosacea is found in middle aged patients. Rosacea lacks blackheads and whiteheads found in acne. See a dermatologist for proper care.

Could rosacea be caused by acne?

No. These are two separate disease processes but do share some common pathways such as inflammation which causes redness and induration (thickening) of the skin, so a treating inflammation could help both conditions. In medicine as in war, however, smart bombs are better than non-specific bombs, so in the case of acne, we target the bacteria p. Acnes and sebum overproduction, not just inflammation.

Is rosacea the same thing as acne?

Yes but in adults. Rosacea is considered to be a variant of acne that is found in adults. It can look like teenage acne but it tends to affect areas of the cheeks nose and chin. Unlike traditional teen acnee it tends to be worsened by stress, heat and some foods and drinks. Treatment is usually very effective with topical or oral antibiotics.
No. Rosacea and acne are completely different skin conditions, and respond better to diferent treatments. Seek a board certified dermatolodist in your area for diagnosis and treatment.

How can I tell if this is rosacea or just acne?

Acne. Can be difficult as similar. Acne is result of immune system. Both have inflammatory lesions. Need picture or consult physician. Rosacea is related to fungus m. Furfur. Consult physician for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Age 42 prob. Rosacea. Acne is a skin disorder that usually afflicts young people. Rosacea can affect people at any age - usually affecting fair skinned redheads or blonds. And rosacea can manifest itself with pustules or pimples on the skin. At age 42, rosacea is a more likely diagnosis than acne. Check with your doctor or dermatologist for the right treatment.

What is the difference between rosacea and acne?

Rosacea vrs Acne. As rosacea is a neurovascular disorder it affects the flushing zone. It is common that rosacea does not present with blackheads that are seen with acne vulgaris. Also the age of onset, and the location of redness is a clue. Rosacea is commonly an adult disease, and is generally restricted to the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. It can coexist with acne vulgaris.

Recommendations for acne rosacea?

Derm consult. Rosacea cannot be "cured" but can be controlled, and the symptoms treated. Redness of facial skin is an early sign, and can be effectively treated by laser therapy (usually pulsed dye). Thickening of the skin and development of cysts, infection, and rhinophyma will require other interventions, including surgery. See a dermatologist for oral and topical antibiotics which help in about half of cases.
Dermatol evaluation. I would first have a dermatologist make a definitive diagnosis as well as treatment recommendations which may take several months to arrive at a satisfactory regimen as well as dietary restriction.

What can be done about acne rosacea?

Antibiotics. Usually tetracycline pills or cream is the start. There are other more toxic and teratogenic meds. Such as tretinoin.