Unsure if problem is tendon, muscle or bone related. My radius is very painful to touch for past wk. Hurts mostly when breastfeeding or upon waking.?

Tendintis vs. CTS. Both diagnoses, dequervain's tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome can be seen in "new" moms. Dequervain's is more common with pain at the wrist below the thumb. It can be painful with breastfeeding due to sustained posture. Carpal tunnel would be associated with pain, numbness noted when awakening. It also can be caused by extreme wrist posture while breast feeding. Both can respond to splints.
Radius pain. The nature of the pain will depend somewhat on the location of the pain in the radius--proximal (by the elbow joint) or distal (by the wrist). In the context of a new baby (which i presume from the fact of breast feeding) I am suspecting an overuse injury. You may be supporting the baby's weight for long periods of time in a way that you simple are not used to. Change arms as much as possible.