Do you still get period when pregnant?

No. Menstrual periods, which involve shedding the uterine lining when a pregnancy does not occur, do not happen while pregnant. However, many women mistake bleeding or spotting during pregnancy for a normal menstrual period, especially if they are accustomed to having irregular cycles.
No. If you have any vaginal/uterine bleeding while pregnant, please see your ob/gyn asap.

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Do you still get your period when your pregnant?

No. Your monthly period should stop when you are pregnant. If you have any vaginal bleeding at all during pregnancy, no matter which trimester, you should visit a doctor for evaluation. Read more...
Nope. Another benefit of pregnancy is the absence of menstrual bleeding and its physical/emotional symptoms for about a year (amenorrhea persists during lactation postpartum, although repeat pregnancy can occur!). Read more...