What is the 'stress thallium test'?

See below. A stress thallium test uses a nuclear tracer to visualize blood flow during exercise or chemical stress in a person unable to exercise. The purpose of the test is to uncover artery narrowings that can impede flow when an increased demand for flow is required as in"stress." the test can also give information about the heart's pumping power called the ejection fraction.
A nuclear stress. Test designed to evaluate blood flow during rest and stress conditions. The radioisotope in this case would be thallium.

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What is rest stress thallium test?

Heart Disease Test. Thallium stress test is a nuclear imaging method that shows how well blood flows into the heart muscle, both at rest and during activity. Normal blood flow would "light up" on images. The stress portion is either through exercise, like on a treadmill, or a drug can be injected for those who can't tolerate regular exercise. This causes the heart to behave as if the subject were exercising.
Thallium. We use thallium as a myocardial tracer to show parts of the heart that don't get enough blood flow with exercise. We do an exercise test to a target heart rate, symptoms or ECG change and inject thallium and immediately image. A few hours later we reimage because thallium redistributes. It shows scar or reversible ischemia in the heart muscle. We've been doing the test since the late 1970's.

What's stress thallium test?

Shows blood flow. Thallium is tagged to red blood cells. The heart is stressed (increase cardiac outpu), then nuclear scanning helps show if there is equal blood flow to all parts of the heart, by detecting the radioactive thallium.

What is a thallium stress test procedure?

Checks heart functio. Thallium is a radioactive (minimally) isotope that is used to study the pumping capability of the heart, usually after heart attack or prior to surgery in someone with cardiac disease. Sometimes it's done simply to ensure proper cardiac capability in someone with risk factors or prior heart issues. It involves mild to increasing exercise to "stress" the heart and assess function under effort!

I have undergone cabg n after 2 yrs angiolpasty with 1 stem. Know again after 2 years facing disconfort n advise stress thallium test. Should I go for?

Yes. With known history of coronary artery disease and prior angioplasty and coronary bypass surgery, any new chest pain/discomfort should be evaluated and frequently a nuclear stress test can be helpful to figure out if a chest pain syndrome is related to coronary ischemia- "blockage" or obstructive narrowing of a coronary artery or CABG graft. Thallium or technetium based nuclear testing can be used.

If stress thallium test showed that I was normal, what are my chances of getting a heart attack?

A normal stress thallium indicates a low like hood of severe coronary artery narrowing and is thus a predictor of a good outlook over the next 5 years. However a plaque with a 30 per cent narrowing could rupture and the ensuing clot could cause a coronary occlusion resulting in a heart attack. The chances of this are lower in a person without severe disease. But no test is perfect.
Check with your doc. Depends your risk factors such as smoking, cholesterol, blood pressure, family history, glucose levels and sleep apnea.