Red, sore bumps on ll back of scalp, lymph nodes swollen on l neck & on head. Dr. Said it is psoraisis/gave me ointment. I feel head sick w/ fever.?

See your doctor. Sounds like more than psoriasis. See your primary care doctor so she/he can run some tests on you to rule out infection and other causes of lymph node swelling. Psoriasis does not usually cause lymph nodes to swell unless the plaques get secondarily infected.
Be seen again. If you are having pain and there is a red, blistered appearance you should be seen again to make sure it isn't shingles. Even if it isn't, if you have a fever you need to be seen. Fever isn't associated with psoriasis, nor psoriatic arthritis. I don't know when you were last seen but if you have fever someone should look again to assess for cellulitis or abscess.

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I have red, sore bumps on back left part of my scalp. I have 2 swollen lymph nodes on my neck (not painful, but my heads sore) what do u think it is?

Folliculitis. Folliculitis or infection of the hair follicle is probably the case. The lymph glands enlargement can be related to the folliculitis. See your pmd to have it examined and treated. Read more...
See a physician. Your symptoms could be from any of a number of things. There is no way for anyone at healthtap to render a diagnosis. The best and smartest thing to do is to be seen by your primary physician so an appropriate work-up can be done. If you have no primary physician then a trip to an urgent care would be reasonable. Read more...