Why is nitroglycerine contraindicated with bradycardia in the heart?

Can slow further. Nitroglycerine can potentially cause your heart rate go down further sometimes.
Not really. Bradycardia is not an absolute contraindication to nitro.

Related Questions

Bradycardia and rbbb, history heart defect?

Get seen. Some folks are born with problems with the av node and its branches ("right bundle branch block", etc.), or a tiny heart attack or a bit of amyloid or a few other things can cause troubles here as well. A cardiologist visit's probably in order, and you may end up chatting about whether you want an electronic pacemaker.

A person with bradycardia will show heart rates lower than 60bpm during all day and all normal activities or just when resting? Thanks

It depends. Bradycardia by definition is a heart rate of less than 60. Many people with this have a resting rate of 60 which increases with excercise. Some do not. It would depend if the cause is a normal varient, a medication, or a heart problem. Seek physician evaluation.

Can heart damage resulting in bradycardia be repaired permanently?

Pacemakers. Pacemakers are the treatment for non-reversible bradycardia. ...There are many instances of bradycardia are reversible (medicines) or temporary.

Why could someone's heart alternate between normal and bradycardia?

Sick Sinus syndrome. Sick sinus syndrome could explain this. In this situation the heart's natural pacemaker doesn't work properly.