I am 23 and I have a hgba1c of 5.3% and a fasting bs of 97. Should I be worried about prediabetes because I am on the high side of normal?

No. Sure your fasting might be on the high side of normal but your average sugar (hgba1c) over the last 3 months is excellent. We would only worry about pre-diabetes if your hgba1c is >5.7% or if your fasting glucose is consistently >100. So relax. But remember to practice healthy eating habits & regular exercise.
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No. Your numbers are within the normal range. If your weight is normal, & you don't have any family history, i would recheck them once a year, & not worry at all otherwise. If either of the above applies, working on your diet & exercise should help keep them where they are, and you might want to recheck them 2 times a year, just in case.