I have pcos and metabolic syndrom. I am also overweight. I am currently taking no meds can I get pregnant? If so wha tare my chances?

You Can. You can get pregnant. Your chances depend on how severe your case is and what effect on ovulation the disease has. Some people have very little effect, while others very dramatic with very low chances of pregnancy. The other problem with uncorrected pcos is high miscarriage rate (>50%). You should seek treatment from fertility specialist that has interest in pcos above norm.
Can be difficult. Pcos & metabolic syndrome can both decrease fertility, but this varies a lot from one woman to the next. I certainly wouldn't rely on these diagnoses for birth control! if you are trying to conceive and don't get pregnant easily, meds can help. I'd recommend seeing an ob-gyn now for pre-conception counseling, to discuss pros & cons of treatment options, and to optimize your health in advance.