Can hand foot and mouth disease cause feet to swell especially the sole of the foot?

No. Skin changes are the usual symptom? You could be walking differently and that could cause swelling from overuse.
Usually not. It typically causes blisters on toes and fingers. Blisters on foot could be fungus infection, psoriaisis, infection, or severe eczema. See doctor for follow up to evaluate swelling and for approriate treatment.

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My niece has just been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. What causes this?

Fever/spots/pain. Hfm is a viral infection. Some have fever, localized spots on their wrists & nothing else. Some have terrible mouth sores, spots on wrists/forearms/legs feet & around the bottom & have cramping & loose stools. Most have a mild case as kids and many go unlabled. Few have enough problems they become dehydrated. It is more a cosmetic issue than a threat. They are contagious until fever free.

Can hand foot and mouth disease only cause blisters around the mouth?

Yes. Hfm may only cause blisters in and around the mouth. It effects the hands and feet in more advanced cases.
NO. No it can also cause lesions on the hands and feet.

My girlfriends son keeps losing his fingernails. The first time his doc said he had hand foot and mouth disease. He lost 2 this time. Cause for concern?

Onychomadesis. Some of the less common causes in children for onychomadesis in children may include: poor nutrition febrile illness drug sensitivity hand, foot and mouth disease the most common cause is trauma.
Onychomadesis. Or falling off (shedding) of nails is a complication of hand foot and mouth disease. Usually, when the condition which causes the problem runs its course or stops, the nails usually will regrow.

How can I relieve the pain from mouth ulcers caused by hand, foot, and mouth disease?

Mouth ulcers. Your physician can prescribe a oral rinse to sooth and numb the tissues while the lesions heal. This will help immediately.
A topical product. The name is debactrol available only by dental rx.

Could my hand foot mouth disease be the cause of my aggravated peripheral neuropathy symptoms?

Quite possibly. I would like to know why you have neuropathy. The commonest cause is diabetes. Acute infections are well known to exacerbate symptoms of neuropathy. How did you get hand foot and mouth disease,? sympathy. Are you in contact with children? You wii get better as the infection clears in 5-10 days.

Can foot, hand and mouth disease cause the swelling of the parotid duct? Multiple ulcers inside mouth with the parotid duct on the right side swollen.

The two are. Probably NOT related (it would be a co-incidence for one of the oral lesions to be in the EXACT location HOWEVER it is theoretically possible! Hope this helps! Dr Z.