What does sinus bradycardia look like on an ecg?

See below. Sinus bradycardia is usually defined as a heart beat of less than 60 beats per minute. Iit by itself does not indicate a heart problem.
Ecg. It looks like a normal ECG but with fewer ECG complexes because the heart rate is less than 60bpm., of course sinus bradycardia can also be seen associated with abnormal appearing tracings too.

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What should I do if my ECG says sinus bradycardia with premature atrial complexes?

Nothing. If you are an athlete, this may be normal. As long as you are not symptomatic then this is usually not dangerous. Normal sinus rhythm is 60-100 beats/min. Sinus bradycardia is < 60 beats/min. Very common in young athletes. Was the ECG otherwise normal?

My mom's ECG reads as Sinus Bradycardia with a single abnormal conducted beat, Left Axis deviation. What does that mean? She is 54 years old.

Rate &lt;60 &amp; Purkinje. Fiber damage within endocardium. Any rate below 60 BPM is defined as bradycardia (not unhealthy). The abnormal conduction &amp; LAD both occur as a result of damage to the Purkinje muscle fibers (look this up) within the endocardium of her heart muscle; nearly alway a result of atherosclerosis &amp; heart attacks within the inner wall of the left ventricle-the portion most susceptible to ischemic damage.

Got dysautonomia, for yrs standing heart rate 100+, laid in bed ECG showed sinus bradycardia 47. I sat up and it went to 60. Pacer needed, or fit heart?

No pacemaker. You haven't described anything that would constitute an indication for pacing which, in general, would consist of symptoms of passing out (or feeling like you could pass out) while your heart rate is exceptionally low (usually 30 seconds or pauses of &gt;5 seconds.).