I have a horrible cough that will randomly start up and I can't stop it. Any ideas on what it could be? I'm not allergic to anything some lotions...

Possible allergies.. Depends what kind of cough it is ? Dry vs. Wet or does it make you vomit? Does it feel like tickle in the throat or do you feel short of breath or wheezy? These all wet ions are important to answer to make possible diagnosis. It coud be so called rad( reactive airway disease) or asthma like symptoms as reaction to environment . Please, see your doctor.
Possible etiologies. Possible causes of this cough include bronchospasm from any cause, gerd, sinus problem with post-nasal drip or a combination of factors. Seasonal type allergies is one thing that can cause bronchospasm and allergies can occur for the first time at any age. You need to see your doctor so the reason for the cough can be determined and treatment rendered. If you smoke, you need to quit asap.
Exaggerated reflex. The cough reflex is e.g. Foreign body in bronchus that results in a message to the automatic brain that initiates a reflex to get rid of the fb. An irritable brain can initiate it without a true need because there is no fb and it results in a useless cough. The irritability can be caused by a "junky" diet. If that applies to you, start eating properly.