I have genital herpes but my partner doesn't but wants a baby how am I suppose to have sex and make a baby if I have herpes and he doesnt?

Medication. There is medication that can greatly reduce, but not eliminate the chance of spreading herpes. Both of you could take it during the time you are trying to conceive. Artificial insemination is also an option if it is the female that has the herpes and the male does not.
Herpes & pregnancy. It is not really much of a problem. If you get pregnant and have a history of herpes, be sure to tell your obstetrician. They will monitor you for the development of any new outbreaks prior to and around the time of expected delivery. If there are any active sores, they will deliver you by c-section. That is all there is to it. You need to decide whether to have a baby or not for other reasons.