My 2 yr daughter has a fever and has swollen lymph nodes and red throat with white spots and now has mouth sores. Does that sound like strep throat?

Maybe. This can be strep throat or a viral pharyngitis (such as coxsackie). She should be seen by her doctor and have a strep test done to determine if this is strep throat.
Possibly. You will need a throat culture to determine if it is strep versus something else. Take the child to a doctor to be examined.
See doctor. It could be, but mouth sores usually do not go with strep throat - they are usually caused by a virus. Is she eating and drinking ok? Given her age, i would bring her into her doctor to get checked.
No mouth sores . Unlikely, strep usually don't cause, mouth sores. As suggested, see your doctor and establish a diagnosis. A viral infection is more likely.

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I was diagnosed with strep throat & URI on tuesday. My daughter (2yo) is now having a fever & runny nose & throat is red & has white spots -symptoms?

See her doctor. With you having strep recently and her having the symptoms and physical signs you describe, i would be suspicious for strep, but the only way to tell for sure is to see her doctor and have a strep test run. Good luck. Read more...