My 2 yr daughter has a fever and has swollen lymph nodes and red throat with white spots and now has mouth sores. Does that sound like strep throat?

Maybe. This can be strep throat or a viral pharyngitis (such as coxsackie). She should be seen by her doctor and have a strep test done to determine if this is strep throat.
Possibly. You will need a throat culture to determine if it is strep versus something else. Take the child to a doctor to be examined.
See doctor. It could be, but mouth sores usually do not go with strep throat - they are usually caused by a virus. Is she eating and drinking ok? Given her age, I would bring her into her doctor to get checked.
No mouth sores. Unlikely, strep usually don't cause, mouth sores. As suggested, see your doctor and establish a diagnosis. A viral infection is more likely.

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I was diagnosed with strep throat & URI on tuesday. My daughter (2yo) is now having a fever & runny nose & throat is red & has white spots -symptoms?

See her doctor. With you having strep recently and her having the symptoms and physical signs you describe, I would be suspicious for strep, but the only way to tell for sure is to see her doctor and have a strep test run. Good luck.

Persistent red throat, body aches, swollen and sometimes painful lymph nodes under and behind the jaw and armpits. No cough, no fever. 1year symptoms?

Lymphoproliferative. Lympho proliferative disorder to be considered. Not knowing your age, HIV status.........Tuberculosis/Sarcoidosis/Infectious mononucleosis can be considered. A lymph node Bx, and basic blood work will help. Your travel Hx will help.