I have been on 1.5 milligrams of Xanax (alprazolam) for 4 months. What's the safest way to taper off. Without major side affects?

Xanax (alprazolam) Taper by 0.25mg. Every 3-4 days until you are down to 0.5mg. Daily, then divide that to 0.25mg. Three times a day, then every 3-4 days take away half of one of the 3 doses until you are down to 0.125 (half of 0.25mg. Tablet) at night for 3 days then stop. You are on low dose to begin with.
0.25 mg decrements. Start w/ 1.25 mg daily for 1 wk, then 1 mg daily 1 wk then 0.75 mg qd 1 wk then 0.5 mg daily 1 wk then 0.25 mg daily for 2 wks then stop.