Is bradycardia an arrhythmia?

Yes. Bradycardia is a term to describe a heart rate that is abnormally low. There are many situations where bradycardia, while technically an arrhythmia, is not a concern. Individuals who exercise frequently, particularly endurance athletes such as cyclists and distance runners, typically have low heart rates.
Depends. Sinus bradycardia is a normal rhythm. It's a semantic question but I don't think most cardiologists would consider it an arrhythmia. Pathologic bradycardias such as due to 2nd or 3rd degree heart block would surely be considered an arrhythmia.

Related Questions

Is bradycardia a kind of arrhythmia?

No. This is really a term that describes a change in the rate of the heart, rather than its rhythm. Bradycardia means a slower-than-average (or expected) heart rate.
Yes. Yes brady is slow rhythm tachy means fast rhythm any alterations is anomaly in rhythm arrhythmia.

When does a bradycardia turn into an arrhythmia?

Bradycardia. Bradycardia meaning heart rate less than 60- sometimes termed as bradyarrhythmia if slow heart rate associated with a rhythm abnormality such as slow atrial fib or flutter or premature ventricular contractions or premature atrial contractions etc.

If you have arrhythmia and tachycardia, can you also have bradycardia?

Brady/tachy. There is a common syndrome called brady/tachy syndrome also called sick sinus syndrome which has both tachy and bradycardia as parts of the problem.

I also have prominent sinus arrhythmia when I have bradycardia and apex beat is strong. I go to the gym. Is it necessary to get medical help?

Only if u have sympt. If you are physically fit, at your age (20), sinus bradycardia is OK. It normally does not cause problems (rather, it seems to indicate longevity & a good lifestyle). However, during exercise, if your heart rate goes too low AND if you are passing out, feeling faint / lightheaded, or unable to continue your exercise, then that can be a problem. Best to use HealthTap prime or talk to ur doctor.

Halter monitor results say sinus bradycardia to sinus tachycardia with sinus arrhythmia. Should I be concerned?

From your. Description this sounds like a normal Holter monitor for a 42 year old woman. It would be best to discuss this with your health care provider as he/she will be able to place these findings in context with your clinical condition and symptoms.

Ways to reduce cholesterol? Generally healthy, and not overweight but have high cholesterol. Also have slight sinus bradycardia/sinus arrhythmia. Doctors have told me not to worry after repeated EKGs. I want to keep my heart healthy/avoid CHF later?

Rhythm, lipids. The sinus mechanisms are a normal healthy heart, long term the lower the LDL & higher the HDL the more likely you will live longer;currently high potency statins may be a good bet in addition to regular exercise;lean body mass and & good hygiene.
Mostly genetic. A very high cholesterol may need to be medicated now, if for example you have familial hypercholesterolemia with LDL over 200. It is fairly common and deadly. Exercise is actually more helpful than diet here and you want to maintain lifelong good habits. There are guidelines, and there's no reason to believe super-tight cholesterol control in youth benefits you decades later.