Itchy eyes and sneezes?

Allergies. Most likely its an allergy. Pollen, cats, dust, etc. If the symptoms do not go away, then call your family doc.
Allergy. Sounds like allergies. Try an over the counter anti-histamine and allergy drops such as zaditor (ketotifen) twice per day (over the counter).

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I have never had an issue with allergies, but at 23 I am having symptoms: congestion, itchy eyes, sneezing. It has lasted 2-3 weeks. Will it go away?

Think environment. Recently moved? New pet? New roommate? Recently married? New job? Do a complete inventory. What has changed? Go back at least one year. For example: you might have moved 10 months ago, but only recently began being exposed to a pollen you to which you are allergic. Read more...
Probably. This certainly sounds like an allergic reaction to something and unless you are continuing to be exposed, it should improve. Are there new things in your enviroment: pets, furniture, job, etc. Have you recently relocated to the area? If it is due to the unusually high pollen levels it should improve as the weather (and pollens) change. Read more...