Can severe gastritis cause heart racing issues and shortness of breathe?

Maybe. Irritations in the gastrointestinal tract can result in palpitations. Treatment of the gastritis may lead to decreased symptoms. Full cardiac evaluation would be recommended. Acid blockers, probiotics and or antibiotics may be used to treat the gastritis. Control of the irregular heart beat may need antiarrhythmia medications to bring them under control and improve the symptoms such as sob.
Generally no. Severe stomach inflammation may cause chest pain, but should not lead to fast heart beats or shortness of breath. However, sometimes those who have heart disease (coronary artery disease) experience fast heart beats, shortness of breath, and think they have gastritis when in fact, they are having heart pain.

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Can gastritis cause shortness of breath and unnecessary heart beats?

No. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. It should not cause difficulty breathing or extra heartbeats. Upper abdominal or chest discomfort associated with these symptoms may be a sign of heart disease. Discuss with your doctor.

I have bi vent icd. I can still feel my heart racing at times. Have had weird jumps in chest that aren't painful but cause shortness of breath. Normal?

Can be normal. Because of your underlying condition, arrhythmias may be common. You could wear a heart monitor to record what you are feeling which may be useful to your doctor. Also inquire about what percent of the time you are pacing in the bottom chambers. The higher the better.

Have dcm and bi vent pacemaker. Is it normal to have heart racing then shortness of breath then sleepiness?

Combination. The disease and possibly your medications can cause sleepiness. About shortness of breath and heart racing also miight be due to dcm. Please talk to cardiologist.

Had EKG, stress echo, xray and all normal. Still having a lot of mild shortness of breath and heart racing. Especially after eating.???

Possibly... It is possible you are having reflux and the reflux is causing bronchospasm. The bronchospasm then causes your symptoms. Treatment would include aggressive treatment of reflux and possibly a bronchodilator inhaler. See your doctor so this can be diagnosed and treated!

Just finished a prednisone prescription for my SI joint. The last 3 days I've had shortness of breath or heart racing. Cant relax abdominal muscles.

PALPITATIONS W/U. Palpitations that symptomatic deserve a prompt W/U: exam/labs especially It may be secondary to the prednisone or underlying CARDIAC ISSUE. T/EKG/Event Monitor/ECHO and The discussion of treatment options with your doctor. While you are waiting eliminate caffeine focus on staying hydrated. If palpitations worsen or syncope develops go directly to the ER.

Tachycardia in morning when standing (no coffee) w/ shortness of breath and nauseous feeling 110-130 bpm Heart murmur and S3 gallop present since kid?

Be checked. Seeing a cardiologist and obtaining testing such as a Holter monitor study, EKG with an echo and a stress test would be a good idea. All the best.

24/7 chest pain 6 weeks, near constant tachycardia palpitations shortness of breath past week. Normal ecg, blood, chest xray. Likely anxiety or heart?

Anxiety. Anxiety reaction may well be the cause of your symptoms if hyperthyroidism as well as organic heart disease has been ruled out by your physician and/or cardiologist. Consultation with a psychiatrist for stress management therapy is recommended as treatment for chronic anxiety state. Medication may also be prescribed for a short period.