My wife has been diagnosed with a yeast infection. Should I be treated as well?

No. Men do not usually need to be treated unless the infection is reccurent or they are symptomatic.
Not initially. Not initialy, yeast is not considered as a sexually transmitted infection. You may consider tratment if her yeast infection becomes recurrrent.

Related Questions

Being treated for a yeast infection on arm. Can I sleep in the same bed as my wife?

Little or no risk. Maybe a non-yeast fungal infection. (Yeast is a type of fungus, but other fungus types usually cause non-genital skin infections.) Not eastily transmitted to others. And the fungus maybe present for months before rash started, so your wife has already been repeatedly exposed. Probably no point in changing sleep arrangements at this time. Check with the doctor treating you if you remain in doubt. Read more...

I was diagnosed with acute prostatitis can my wife get a infection or yeast infection through sexual intercourse? We do not use condoms

Maybe. This is most likely if the cause is trichomonas. If this does happen, you can get treated together and this will probably be a very good thing in the long run for eradicating the infection. The other prostatitis microbes aren't so catching. Was a microbe identified? Read more...

Received a 1.0 result on HSV2 IgG test, no lesions, also diagnosed with ureaplasma, BV and yeast infection. Is getting retested for HSV2 a good idea?

Probably not herpes. With the most common HSV2 IgG blood test (HerpeSelect®), a result of 1.0 is borderline, and most borderline results really are negative. Only results of 3.5 and higher are definitely positive. It has nothing to do with BV, yeast, or ureaplasma. No need for another test if no herpes symptoms. By the way, ureaplasma is normal in the genital tract; a positive result doesn't mean anything. Read more...