Tumescent liposuction? What are the different types of liposuction?

Many names for lipo. Tumescent liposuction involves the administration of dilute local anesthetic with adrenaline to limit blood loss and swell the fat tissue. True tumescent lipo uses only local anesthesia. Other types of lipo are: modified tumescent lipo with general anesthesia, vaser or ultrasound assisted liposuction, laser assisted liposcution which has many names like smartlipo , slimlipo, and cool lipo etc.
Anesthesia. Most smart lipo is done as tumescent lipo, but not all tumescent lipo is smart lipo. Tumescence is just a description of the way that the area is numbed (by injecting numbing fluid). Vaser lipo and even traditional lipo can all be done with tumescence. SmartLipo adds laser, Vaser adds ultrasound. http://www.omahacosmeticsurgery.com/contouring-procedures-category/smartlipo-triplex-technology/
Multiple Kinds. The proper term is tumescent anesthesia since any type of liposuction will use this technique to help reduce blood loss and other problems. There are many types of liposuction including traditional, ultrasonic, and laser assisted. The proper approach can be determined after consulation with an experienced surgeon certified by the american board of plastic surgery. Good luck!
Ultrasonic,Tumescent. Basic premises of the procedure is to suck out the fat without sucking out too much blood with it.Original procedure was straight liposuction with suction canula, fat is broken down by too and frow movement of blunt suction canula and then suck out the fat.Then came injection of tuescent fluid, and then suction the fat.Then came ultrasonic liposuction to reduce the blood loss.Infact the injection of.
Many . There are many different liposuction technologies available; each claims to be better than the other. Each is also heavily marketed. In my opinion, much more important than the specific technology used (when it comes to the surgical outcome or “effectiveness” of the procedure) is the surgeon using the “tool”. Patients are responsible to do their due diligence and select surgeon carefully.