Trifluoperazine - can it be for anxiety or just schizophrenia?

Can Help Anxiety. This medicine can help symptoms of anxiety. However, there are other medications that are helpful for anxiety which have much less long-term risk.
Mainly Schizophrenia. The common, trade name of that medication is stelazine. It is a very old medication. It is really not good to take unless a person has some form of psychosis, especially long term. That is because it can cause a problem called tardive dyskinesia, which is a movement disorder that may not go away, even after a person discontinues this particular medication. I would be very careful.
Great for anxiety. Several drugs in the same class have been studied in anxiety disorders and work nicely. Here is one study using trifluoperazine: http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmed/3514583.

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Is trifluoperazine for anxiety or schizophrenia?

It depends. If your read the product labeling, you will see it is approved for schizophrenia. However, medications are commonly used "off label" to treat other conditions, or when multiple conditions all require treatment. Depending on the source of the anxiety, trifluoperazine may provide benefit. I recommend that you ask your doctor for which symptoms/disorders the trifluoperazine is being prescribed. Read more...
Stelazin. Due to potential for side-effects, some of which may be irreversible such as tardive dyskinesia, do not recommend off-label use. Use only for psychotic symptoms. Read more...