If enamel erosion on eye teeth can I fix this with tooth contouring?

No. I would see your dentist to have bonding done on this tooth. You have already lost enamel on your tooth so contouring will only remove more. The better choice is using composite to re-establish the contours of the tooth.
No. Erorsion means chemical loss of tooth structure. Tooth countouring is for shaping teeth, but by nature it is also reductive.

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What do you recommend for tooth whitening if enamel erosion?

Dentist. If enamel erosion is present it is possible you have other dental problems. Dentist should have ideas that will not cause futher problems.
Veneers. Dentin is the tooth structure below enamel, and it is yellowish in color. Thin/eroded enamel may allow more dentin to show through. If this is the case with your teeth, conventional whitening methods may be ineffective. You may need something to "mask" out the dentin showing through the translucent enamel, like porcelain veneers.
Consult needed. You have several options. You could have those eroded areas covered with a lighter bonded composite first and then have your teeth whitened or you could consider porcelain veneers. You may have other options. Only a dentist who can personally clinically examine you will be able to give you the best and most appropriate options and guidance for your particular circumstances.
Don't do it. Whitening only works on enamel. If yours is eroded, you will likely have poor results and may have sensitivity. You need to see your dentist and find out about builoding up your eroded teeth. May need crowns. Would be prudent to see your prosthodontist for evaluation and treatment options.

I am a mouth breather at night while I sleep. Can my mouth breathing at night be causing my tooth enamel erosion and if it is, what can I do to stop it?

Partly, but more. Mouth breathing can cause you to have a dry mouth. This can lead to more decay. Mouth breathing can be habitual, caused by allergies, obstructions, related to snoring and sleep apnea. Sometimes using breathe rite strips can help you breathe better. Your primary care physician can help you find diagnose your breathing problem.
Xerostomia. Dry mouth is not good in terms of cavities. If you have breathing issues, check with your dentist and ent, or md, and see if you have apnea. There is gold standard cpap, or mrd device a dentist can make for you. If you are a chronic mouth-breather there are otc and in-office products you can purchase such as biotene, and oramoist.... Just see your dentist and ask questions.
No. Dental erosion is not generally caused by mouth breathing. If you have teeth erosion, contact your dentist to find out the cause and how to prevent it. It could be your diet, frequency of food intake, gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd), etc. You and your dentist should be looking into ways to strengthen your enamel.
It should not. Mouth breating is usualy caused by blockage in nostrils I would check with ent enamel erosion can be do to acidic food or drink also it can be due to clinching and grinding check with your dentist.

What's tooth enamel erosion from?

From acids. Enamel erosion is from acids in the mouth. These acids can be from foods and beverages (such as sodas, lemons, candies) or from the intestinal system (such as acid reflux).
Grinding, bruxism. Sometimes grinding and clenching your teeth may cause erosion, stomach reflux and regurgitation will cause it, certain foods, like citrus in excessive amounts.
Acids. The most frequent cause of tooth erosion is acids in your diet. Acidic foods, citrus, soda, even diet, energy drinks, juice drinks, iced teas, etc. All are highly acidic.

Can Ecigs cause tooth enamel erosion? I had a dark line on my front tooth that was fixed after a cleaning but it's back. Can Ecigs cause this?

Doubtful. Erosion is caused by something wearing away at your teeth, which ecigs do not do. Your meds include iron supplements, which can stain your teeth. Follow the below link for further guidance: http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/drugs-supplements/iron-supplement-oral-route-parenteral-route/proper-use/drg-20070148.
It is not possible. E-cigs won’t stain or erode your teeth, but it is not safe alternative to smoking and still addictive.

What can I do about enamel erosion on my teeth?

See your dentist. Thre are different reasons for erosion, and actually, if it is from gastric reflux you might even have to see your md. You can stay away from acidic food (inlduing most carbonated beverages, gatorade etc) if eating acidic food you should not brush your teth for 30 minutes to let the acidity nuetralize.
Dental consult. There are ways to prevent erosions and to treat them if you have them. The treatment would be dependent upon the cause, the extent, the location, your caries susceptibility, your oral hygiene and the degree of sensitivity of those teeth. There is insufficient room to discuss these factors on this website. Your dentist can examine you and discuss these issues with you.

I was wondering what are the signs of enamel erosion on teeth?

Shape change. If enamel is eroded, it is, by definition, being worn away for sonme mechanical or chemical reason. So, a change of shape and/or size of a piece of enamel is a sign.
Acid. Wearing away of teeth structure usually caused by acid and bacteria is primarily a typical sign of erosion not just of enamel but of dentin as well. People suffering from gerd commonly get cavities on the cervical or neck part of the teeth where enamel is thinner.

Tooth contouring and reshaping. Does that mean my enamel gets sanded away?

Yes, a little is ok. Dentist remove and frequently replace enamel. If the enamel removal leads to better function, as well as cosmetics, it can be very valuable not to replace it. Most patients have thick enamel covering their teeth but throughout life, wear it away. Tooth grinding at night, brushing with whitening toothpaste with abrasive grit cause far more loss for most patients. Replacement is commonly necessary.
Basically, Yes. Both of these procedures change the shapes of your teeth by gently removing a little of the enamel and then polishing those areas. This can result in a dramatic improvement in your smile. Over a lifetime, this enamel is going to be lost to "normal" wear & tear anyway, slowly over the years, so removing it a bit ahead of schedule does no real harm. Just be conservative and take only what you need.
Conservative. Usually this is a very conservative treatment- not a lot of tooth structure filed down, usually no novocaine needed.