Can lingual frenectomy correct a tied tongue?

Yes. An oral surgeon, periodontist, and a general dentist all can perform a frenectomy. If you go to a clinician that has a laser, the healing of the frenectomy is much quicker. Ask your clinician as to whether they have a soft tissue laser with which they can perform this procedure.
Yes, it will help. Yes a lingual frenectomy can definitely help the condition known as being "tongue tied." i would also recommend seeing a speech pathologist if the speech is affected by this condition. If the patient has a speech problem due to being "tongue tied" the frenectomy will not correct the speech immediately and speech therapy will be needed.
Sure. Since tongue tie is limited tongue movements due to over sized or large lingual frenum , then yes lingual frenectomy can be done to correct a tongue tie.
Yes. We have a laser and perform this surgery with great results. It is a bit uncomfortable during the healing time period, but well worth it!
Yes. Ear, nose and throat surgeons are doctors specially trained to perform procedures such as lingual frenoplasty. Oral surgeons also have expertise in certain oral cavity procedures.
Yes. It is the treatment of choice, see an oral surgeon.
Yes. As tongue tied refers to the restriction of tongue range of movement due to the lingual frenum, resection will correct the "tongue tie". It may not correct speech pathology, as if that is the reason a speech pathologist should be consulted. If the tongue on forward movement bends inferiorally, that would be the definition of tongue tied.