What doctor does a thyroid biopsy?

Endo or radiologist. Thyroid fine needle aspirations are often done by endocrinologists who can do diagnostic ultrasounds and biopsies in the office; if this capability is not available, the patient can be referred for the biopsy to be done by a radiologist.
Thyroid biopsy. Most commonly an endocrinologist. Sometimes a head and neck surgeon. Invasive radiologists also perform this procedure.

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My doctor ordered a thyroid biopsy because one of the nodules got larger. Why not just remove the thyroid. The biopsy is expensive and painful.

Thyroid. Before your physician orders solution regarding your nodule he needs to know what he is dealing. If thyroid is removed you will need take medicine all your life. Your doctor is trying to avoid the surgery, if it is not nessasary. Read more...
Because we try. To avoid unnecessary surgery- at most, 10% are cancers- biopsy can detect these, and we avoid surgery in all the rest, and monitor over time. Read more...