Is sudden throat swelling part of my allergy or something else?

Possibly. Throat swelling can be the result of an allergic reaction or the manifestation of some other disorders like hae, tumors or thyroid problems.

Related Questions

I just recently developed a strawberry allergy which is severe (tongue and throat swelling). Are there any other foods I should avoid?

There are. Food allergy tests your doctor can perform. Ask your doctor about the RAST Food allergy panel or Immunocap test. It requires a blood draw and can specify what food you're allergic to. Stay healthy.

Eye and throat swelling 5 min after eating kiwi. Allergy? Have eaten kiwi before - a while ago - without problems.

Probable allergy. I would suggest refraining from eating kiwi without first being allergy tested in a controlled environment. If you have similar symptoms again, you should take an antihistamine such as 50mg of Diphenhydramine and go immediately to the er if you have trouble breathing.
First time. Al most all allergies start at some time. Exposure is required and eating kiwi in the past led to that exposure and sensitized your immune system which finally flared up when you ate another kiwi. This is not unusual. Looks like you will have to avoid kiwi in the future.

I have severe shellfish allergy. I never had Anaphylaxis but I carry an EpiPen (epinephrine). Will an EpiPen (epinephrine) reverse throat swelling? I have Asthma as well.

Yes it would. Epipen (epinephrine) would help open the blocked airway, that's what it's meant for besides dilating the air passages in the lungs and elevating the blood pressure in case of anaphylaxis.