What are uses for tambocor (flecainide)?

Tambocor (flecainide) Anti arrhythmic agent usually prescribe by a cardialogist electrophysiologist.

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I need some info on the use of tambocor (flecainide)?

Antiarhythmic drug. Flecainide is an antiarhythmic drug that belongs to a class of antiarhythmic drugs class 1-a. It blocks the sodium current in the cell and is used to treat atrial arrhythmias. However because of its potential risk of serious side effect it is only recommended in patients with no heart disease.

Can an ECG/Echo detect susceptibility to Long QT or Brugada in Flecainide use BEFORE it occurs. Prevention rather than cure!

Long qt. Felcainide can make Brugada sign obvious, before staring that med, you always need baseline ECG to make sure you don't have Brugada. Flecainide is used in some patients with LQTS for treatment, .

What would happen if I took tambocor (flecainide) and monofeme?

Drug interactions. Try getting this drug interaction info from a pharmacist practicing in Australia or New Zealand.
Drug interactions. There are no known drug interactions between these two medications. Always tell your physician what medicines you are taking so they look at possible interactions before starting you on a new medicine.

Could I continue taken Tambocor (flecainide) after CABG?? Why?

Tambocor (flecainide) Probably It depends on the initial reason for treatment, check with your cardiologist though if for AF it should be continued, Did they perform any AF surgery incidental to the CABG?

I'm Af Paroxymal. How long the flecainide (tambocor) treatmant be allowed?

Depends. If it's working, one could use this over the long term. The caveat is that you should have routine stress testing done while on the medication. Also, as you get older your actuarial risk of coronary artery disease increases. The main contraindication to using flecainide is coronary artery disease, so some doctors don't like to maintain elderly patients on flecainide.