What is the best substitute for steroids?

What are we treating. We try to spare the use of steroids as much as possible rheumatology. This really depends on what you're treating. In the specific clinical setting there are certain medications we can use to help avoid or decrease the dose of corticosteroids. This is going to be medical specificity and not a blanket answer.

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What are the best natural substitutes for anabolic steroids? At 47yrs I have low production of testosterone but still train

Low testosterone. There are no "natural" substitutes for anabolic steroids. Review my recent posts re "dietary supplements" along w/usa today's investigative series into contamination of several popular supplements resulting in liver failure ; death. How do you know you're low? If via testing by your family doc, s/he can offer you treatment options. T replacement ; supplementation is not a do-it-yourself project.
None. There are no "good" natural substitutes for testosterone - virtually all otc preps are taken orally and increase one's risk of peliosis hepatis/hepatitis/liver cancer, in addition to further suppressing one's native testosterone production. You should be seen by a urologist or endocrinologist. (very common - occurs in 1/4 men in our lifetimes...).