What is causing my severe rectal pain and bleeding drops?

Prob. anal fissure. Pain during and after defecation is the landmark of anal fissure while bleeding is usually none or minimal.
Fissure. These are classic signs of an anal fissure, a tear in the lining of the anal canal. Sit in a tub of warm/hot water for 5 minutes three times a day, add fiber to your diet, use a stool softener and see your doc about some pain creams.

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What could be causing my severe rectal pain and bleeding?

Anal Fissure common. From this limited detail, i suspect anal fissure. This is the most common cause for this combination of problems, however it is worthwhile to see your colorectal surgeon to make sure it isn't something worse. Start a high fiber and water diet. Use warm water baths. Surgery is curative if conservative measures fail. Read more...