What is the best derm scar treatment?

Can try these. Mederma and vit e gel caps used as topical treatments can potentially help decrease scarring. Both are available over-the-counter.
Many options. Scars mature and can continue to improve for up to a year. They are sun-sensitive and may become hyperpigmented with sun exposure. The best way to treat a scar depends on the scar. Options include silicone gel, silicone sheeting, use of filler (for spot or crater-like scars), laser therapy, hydroquinone, dermabrasion, or kenalog (triamcinolone) injection, or surgical scar revision. See your plastic surgeon.

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Which scar treatment that you can buy without a prescription is the best?

Scar. Best scar treatment without paying any money is to use a lotion that can be found around your house most likely and perform scar massage. Gentle pressure over the scar. It helps to remodel the collagen within the scar.
Scar. Silicone gel sheets, massaging the area daily, vitamin e cream, Mederma, may show some benefit. See a dermatologist for treatment options.

What is the best scar treatment that I can use to help fade the darkness of a surgical incision? Any natural options as well?

Best? There is no "best" scar treatment for each patient will react in different ways to wound healing and response to various chemicals. One good natural remedy is aloe Vera, straight from the plant. Plastic surgeons are also a wealth of knowledge about up to date scar creams and other treatments. Time is also good, as scars tend to fade over time. Hope this helps!

Help please? What is the best scar treatment for a large 1st-2nd degree burn on the leg?

Time. 1st and 2nd degree burns do not usually scar. However, they can cause uneven pigmentation. Swelling in particular can cause the area to darken (wraps ; support hose may help). Usually, once healed, the most important thing is to protect the area from injury and it is very important to avoid sun exposure to the area for at least the 1st year. Otherwise, moisturize as needed.

Can any doc tell me what's the best scar treatment for a large 1st-2nd degree burn on the leg?

Burn scar. Improving a scar from a burn depends on a few things. When did the burn occur? How large is it? What does it look like. If you were recently burned, it will take up to a year for the scar to mature. In the meantime, stay out of the sun to avoid excessive pigmentation.