How to stop doing my OCD rituals on my own?

Know Your O's & C's. Ocd can boss u around & try 2 spook u. It can rob ur life of fun & joy & it can really take a toll on ur relationships. It causes some people great anguish & suffering. Make it ur mission to learn all about it -the various forms it takes & how exposure & response prevention (erp) treatment can help. Find trustworthy sources of info like ocfoundation.Org for self help try http://bit.Ly/12daeql.
Overcoming ocd on ow. It's possible, but would be easier if you could work with a therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. Recognize that your compulsive behaiors are produced in an effort to diminish anxiety. As you attempt to decrease your behaviors, you will feel heightened anxiety. Thus, as a foundation to overcoming ocd, you will nedd to learn psychological techniques to cope with this anxiety.