Reticulocyte count test result - should a new baby have a high or low result?

High neo,/down by10d. Reticulocyte index/count is a measure of red cell production. This is at around 3-7% at birth to 12 hours of life, and goes down to about 0-1% by 10 days of age. The value of 3-7% is high for an adult which has a reading of 0.5-1.5%, as reticulocytes make up 1% of red cells in the body. This is what a baby should come down to. It may also be high in forms of anemia due to RBC destruction.
~2-7% This would be high for anyone else, but it's usual for new babies who are making lots of new red blood cells for rapidly-growing bodies. After a few weeks it drops to the grown-up's level of about 1%.