Removal of breast implants - do they take some of your breast tissue out along with the old implant?

Sometimes. Depending on the reason for breast implant removal and the condition of the implants, usually the goal would be to leave the breast tissue alone as much as possible to preserve whatever breast remains. Sometimes if there is a ruptured implant with thick capsular scar tissue, it can be difficult to avoid removing some of the surrounding breast tissue.
Only if needed: For example, if the capsule tissue around it is hard, calcified, or you have a silicone implant that is ruptured - then i would take out the capsule tissue as well.
No. Usually, removal of breast implants does not require removal of any other tissue. However, if the scar tissue (capsule) around the breast implant has hardened, calcified, or is symptomatic, removal may be indicated. Even in these cases, we attempt not to remove any of the patient's own native tissue. If a breast lift is also indicated, breast skin/tissue may also be removed to improve outcomes.
Not always. A straight forward breast implant removal should be removing the implant. If you have capsular contracture, a portion of the capsule mey be removed. If you are worried about not having enough breast tissue after the implants are removed, you can get fat transferred to add additional fullness.
Saline NO. Silicone? This depends in whether you have saline or silicone implants as well as the degree of capsular contracture and the presence of silicone material in the surrounding tissue in the case of implant rupture. In the event of silicone rupture with extrusion of material into the surrounding tissues, resection of the involved tissues may be advised to minimize granuloma.
Generally not. Unless there is a reason to remove tissue, breast tissue is not typically removed when breast implants are removed or exchanged.
No. Removal of breast implants means just removing the implants... Anything else would be considered a breast reduction.