How are Parkinson's & post-polio syndrome symptoms similar?

No. No these are too different conditions.There is no similarity between the two at all.Post Polio syndrome occurs in patients who were infected by polio in the past often many years ago and causes muscle weakness.Parkinson is a progressive disease in patients over the age of 60,&only finding is loss of dopamine neurons in the brain&causes tremors,shaking&other neurological signs.
They are NOT. Parkinson's disease is a condition due to loss of a neurotransmitter(dopamine) and manifests itself with tremor, rigidity and poverty of movements whereas polio is a viral infection that can cause flaccid paralysis of the extremities and breathing muscles in severe cases.

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Are Parkinson's symptoms & post-polio syndrome symptoms similar?

They are different! Post-polio symptoms emanate from neural changes in the spine, while Dopamine depletion in the substantia nigra is the cause for parkinson's. Stumbling and awkward motion can be common to both, but in the end they are distinctly different. Read more...