Can penis inflammation leave sterile?

No. Ochiectomy (removal of both testicle), vasectomy, or congential condition can make you sterile. Non treated std (causing orchiditis- testicular infection) has potential for sterelity. Penis infection per se does not cause infetility.

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Penis inflammation, ideas how I got it?

INFLAMMATION. Contact allergies, detergent allergies, fixed drug reactions or allergies. Are just some causes, yeast can also do it. Read more...

I am experiencing painless fleshy genital bumps and penis inflammation.

Genital bumps. There are several problems that can cause genital bumps - STDs like syphilis, and genital warts can cause bumps, so can ingrown hairs and the virus molluscum. If someone has genital bumps that are new it would be a good idea to get them looked at and not just wait to see if they go away on their own. Read more...