Pain on urination, no uti, what could it be?

Low estrogen. Low estrogen levels are probably the leading cause although such conditions as yeast infection, interstitial cystitis, and trauma during intercourse may also occur.

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I have pain on urination but cultures always show no uti. What are the next steps?

Cystitis/Urethritis? Interatitial cystitis, which is an inflammation of the lining of the bladder wall, or urethritis, inflammation of the urethral lining, can present with these symptoms and normal urine cultures. Next step is to see a urologist or uro-gynecologist for a possible cystoscopy where these areas can be directly visualized via fiber optic camera and more information gathered for treating your symptoms.

Can I have a UTI without painful urination?

Yes. Utis do not always have to be painful; they can cause a variety of symptoms including urgency, frequency, small amounts of blood in urine (which must always be investigated), or no symptoms at all. A urinalysis and urine culture will determine whether you need treatment depending on your circumstances (pregnant or not, male or female).

Can you have a UTI without having painful urination?

Yes. Other symptoms of uti, or urinary tract infection include: more frequent urination, needing to urinate urgently or more difficulty controlling urine.

What to do if I have a UTI without painful urination?

No pain. A urinary tract infection that does not have pain is usually treated in the same was as if there was pain. Both would require antibiotics to clear the infection if it is bacterial in nature.