Why is the oral polio vaccine better than another form?

See below: Opv is better at stopping the spread of the virus to others, but now that wild (natural) polio has been eliminated from the western hemisphere, this advantage is no longer a consideration in the United States. Ipv has been used exclusively in the United States since 2000. However, in other countries where wild polio is still a threat, OPV is still used.
Indirect effect. The oral vaccine virus is excreted in the stool of the recipient and helps inoculate some that do not receive the vaccine directly by indirect exposure. The enhanced killed vaccine we use in the US was adopted primarily because of the 2-3 cases of OPV related polio we had/yr in immune compromised kids.Our vaccine is quite effective and has no risk of producing a polio like illness.
EasyToAdminister But. Oral polio vaccine is still being used in many countries but in USA we do not use Oral Vaccine any more since year 2000 This was due to the fact that live virus oral polio vaccine was in rare cases able to cause polio in children and suscrptible adults who came to contact with vaccinated child Oral polio is is easy to administer and is still used all over the world.