Obesity surgery question. What percentage fail after 5-10 years?

Depends on type 5-30. The failure rate for bariatric surgery depends on the type. For the band, we are seeing about 25-30% band removal at 7 years. Mostly due to reflux. For the bypass, only 1/1000 have reversal. All regain some weight. Most lose about 75% of excess weight but regain about 10%. About 15% regain more than 25%. For the sleeve, most lose about 70% of excess weight, but regain about 10% over 5 years.
Variable. The percentage of patients who regain weight varies depending on compliance with surgeon recommendations as well as procedure type. According to the bariatric outcomes longitudinal database, over 60% of gastric band patients keep off over 50% of their excess weight, while over 95% of gastric bypass patients do. By comparison, only 2-5% of diet & excercise patients keep off 10% of their weight.