Effects of mom's weight on growth of low birth weight infants?

Profound. Underweight (bmi<18) and overweight (bmi>30) women are more likely to have low birth weight infants. Normalizing maternal weight during pregnancy can improve the birth weight.

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Mom is 5'4 gave birth to a 5.10 pds baby. Mom Gained roughly 22 pds. Is baby in danger to any probs bc of low birth weight? He looks VERY tiny

Five pounds &amp; 8 ozs. Or less is technically considered low birth weight. They really do look tiny don't they.
No. His size is still very normal even if he looks tiny. He will pick up his weight so fast now that he has brought himself into this world. I would probably feed him on a regular 3-4 hour schedule until his weight is over 8 pounds.